Reporting Institutions

In article 1 of the National Ordinance Reporting Unusual Transactions and the National Ordinance Identification when Rendering Services specific services are identified upon which unusual transactions are carried out. These services differ per institution. Below you will find a list of these institutions.

The reporting institutions obligated to report unusual transactions are the following:

Pursuant to article 1 paragraph 1 sub a 1º-10º the Financial Institutions are:
- Investment administrators

- Credit institutions
- Investment funds
- Providers of management services
- Credit card companies and Credit institutions
- Insurers and insurance brokers
- Money remitting companies
- Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten

Pursuant to article 1 paragraph 1 sub a 12º,13º and 15º the Designated Non-Financial Businesses and Professions are:
- Car Dealers
- Jewelers
- Real Estate Agencies
- Lawyers
- Notaries
- Tax Consultants
- Accountants
- Administration Offices

Pursuant to article 1 paragraph 1 sub a 11º the Gaming Industries are :
- Games of hazard
- Casinos
- Lotteries
- Off shore (internet) gaming