SERT Registration

Reporting of Unusual Transactions
Pursuant to article 11 of the National Ordinance Reporting Unusual Transactions (NORUT) (O.P. 2013, CT no. 479, as amended) and
the National Ordinance Identification when rendering Services (NOIS) (O.P. 2013, CT no. 480) the reporting entities are requested to
register at the FIU. This registration is necessary for the reporting of unusual transactions.

Reporting portal
The unusual transaction reports are submitted via the secured SERT portal which stands for Sint Maarten Electronic Reporting Tool.

In order to submit a report on the SERT portal a login profile is needed. Please fill in the form below to receive a SERT login profile for your institution.

27-03-2019 SERT Registration form (5).pdf27-03-2019 SERT Registration form (5).pdf

You can find theThe Procedures for Reporting Unusual Transactions manual here:
The Procedures for Reporting Unusual Transactions

Technical Information
It is the institution’s responsibility to ensure that an up to date and reliable operating system is in place. For example some
System Requirements for the software are:
Operating System: Windows XP (all versions), Windows Vista (all versions), Windows 7 (all versions), Apple Macintosh OS X 10.5 or higher
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 3.6 or higher,
Cookies: The browser should be set to accept cookies for the FIU portal website
Flash Plugin: The Adobe Flash plug-in version 10 or higher has to be installed
The computer must have Internet access with a minimum speed of 1Mb.

User access is very personal and you should at no time share your ID and password with your colleagues. An ID will be created for each individual

with the responsibility to report unusual transactions to the FIU. You will be granted permission to access the SERT Portal as a representative of the
institution that is obliged to report unusual transactions.

Your computer should only be used in a permanent and physically secured environment and the user should adhere to safe internet use:
* Computer should be protected against viruses (malware) with up to date antivirus software products with dated threat protection.
* If you are using a wireless connection, the wireless connection should be protected (encryption):
* Ensure that the web browser is kept up to date
* Ensure that security patches are kept up to date

A password security policy of
60 days is maintained. This means that the user is obliged to change the password at least every 60 days.
If you suspect unauthorized access by others to your account or someone else’s account you are obliged to immediately report this
to the FIU and if required you should also report this to the Police.

Please refer to article 20 regarding confidentiality in the NORUT.

Please take note that :

      - The FIU is not responsible for your technical infrastructure, which includes the systems required for the communication between the user
      and the FIU. For example telephone network, computer systems and internet connections on the user's location.
      - The FIU is therefore not responsible for any messages not received.
      - The FIU does its utmost to maintain the security and availability of the new reporting system and cannot be held responsible for any

      damages or losses to your technical infrastructure.

If you are a Designated Non-Financial Businesses and Professions (DNFBPs) you also need to register at the Supervision Department of the FIU.
See Registration of DNFBPs.